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Cupcakes at M I L K in West Hollywood

August 14, 2009

All photos by Zen Cupcake via iPhone

I spent the better part of Sunday, August 2, 2009 on a Cupcake Crawl a couple of weeks ago. I spent the weekend with a friend when I stopped by the Johnny Cupcakes Melrose Avenue store to check out his one year anniversary festivities. Let me tell you. There are a whole lotta cupcakes in the West Hollywood/Beverly Hills area. A cupcake crawl sounded like a good idea until I remembered how horrid it was to find a parking place. Valet parking can cost up to $15.00 is that upscale part of town. Meh.

Photo from the M I L K website

M I L K on Beverly in West Hollywood has a reputation for good cupcakes but they also have an ice cream counter and serve full meals and other baked goods. The only cupcakes available that day were Red Velvet. A price for a full size cupcake is $3.50. Their mini cupcake poppers are only $.75. They are about the size of most mini cupcakes that I’ve seen sell for $1.00- $1.50.

I bought a mini and enjoyed the cupcake. It wasn’t a religious experience but it was good. Personally, I’m not a big fan of red velvet. What I got excited about were the Moon Pies. I looked but did not eat. I had a full day of tasting ahead of me.

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