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Zen Cupcake is a blog published by Cupcake Media LLC.

Credit: Blog Banner by photographer Shannon

I do accept advertising/sponsors on my blog. For more information, please contact me by email @ ZennCupcake at or snail mail at the address listed below.

As the owner of this blog, I do accept forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, or gifts in kind that relate to the subject matter of this blog. Some advertising is generated by direct advertisements, third party ad networks or other third parties. I have the right to accept and keep for my personal use any free products and other forms of compensation I receive from any vendors, businesses or companies. However, any reviews, commentary, editorial, opinions and/or endorsements written on this blog will never be influenced by any compensation or other consideration received therefrom.

Zen Cupcake is sometimes compensated to provide reviews and opinions on products or services related to the subject matter of this blog. In order to remain transparent, any sponsored content, if any, will be identified as “sponsored.” Even though I may receive compensation for advertisements or sponsored posts, my blog content is my personal opinion and based on my honest opinion, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. I will only endorse a product or service that I would personally use or support.

The views and opinions expressed on this blog belong purely to the owner. Any claim, promotion, finding or representation about an item or product is based on this owner’s personal life experience, education, and/or belief system. Let the buyer beware. Do your own research, investigation and make your own decisions.

I receive many requests to review and/or sample cupcakes and/or cupcake related products. For your convenience, you may send your product to the following address:

Zen Cupcake

Post Office Box 8735

Newport Beach, California 92658


Be sure to enclose a cover letter introducing yourself and your company with your name and contact information. I am not responsible for the loss of any unsolicited mail or packages.

Any requests for a product review must include a sample item and collateral product and prepaid shipping for a reader giveaway. I reserve the right to refuse/reject any requests. Unless prepaid return postage is provided any packages received will be discarded or donated to a local charity.

I credit my sources and/or writers of original content with a linkback and/or public acknowledgement. If I fail to do so, please do not hesitate to bring any oversight to my immediate attention. I also expect the same courtesy from others. If you use/quote and/or cite any content from this blog, you must do so with a linkback to Zen and identify this blog as the source for your content.

Many of the photos on my blog were found on the internet. All photos that appear on this site are copyrighted by their respective owners. I claim no credit for the images unless they are my personal photographs or otherwise noted.

The photos in this blog are posted with permission and/or credit to the owner, if known.  If you see your photos here without credit, or with objection, I’ve be more than happy to remove them forthwith. Just send me an email. Please allow up to 72 hours for a response.

Ms. Cupcake

Updated: October 5, 2009

F.T.C. to Rule Bloggers Must Give Full Disclosure

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