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October 5, 2009

Sex and The City Cupcakes by Two Parts Sugar

October 4, 2009
Sex and The City Cupcakes
Originally Uploaded by two parts sugar

lips cupcake
Originally Uploaded by two parts sugar

gold high heel cupcake
Originally Uploaded by two parts sugar

lipstick cupcake
Originally Uploaded by two parts sugar

Chanel purse cupcake
Originally Uploaded by two parts sugar

martini glass cupcake
Originally Uploaded by two parts sugar

Two Parts Sugar has added another special set of cupcakes to their spectacular cupcake repertoire. The skyline background (above) is a perfect example of Monica’s distinctive finishing touches. Artistry and attention to detail is a hallmark of the Two Parts Sugar’s brand, which has been gaining well-deserved attention and recognition in the competitive cupcake market.

Monica, baker and owner of Orange County, California, Two Parts Sugar, started the home-based cupcakery just about one (1) year ago. In that time, Two Parts Sugar beat out more established bakers taking home a coveted award in the March 2009 Los Angeles Cupcake Challenge.  Raspberry Red Velvet, the Two Parts Sugar signature cupcake was honored with a second place win in the  Best Traditional Cupcake category. Of course, Monica is not satified to rest on those laurels. She vows to bring home a first place win next year. We have no doubt that Two Parts Sugar will outdo their 2009 win.

That’s not all, Two Parts Sugar was chosen to appear in the pilot episode of The Food Network’s proposed reality show,  “Cupcake Wars.”  More information on that special event to follow.

P.S. It gets better. Monica has a new baby due next month. Indeed, 2009 is a very special year for Monica and Two Parts Sugar.

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Fuschia Flower Bridal Shower Cupcakes by Cupcakes Nouveau

October 3, 2009
 Fuschia Flower Bridal Shower
Originally Uploaded
by cupcakesnouveau
Fondant fuschia flowers and pearl dragees for a bridal shower by Miami’s Cupcakes Nouveau. Beautiful cupcakes for a memorable occasion. Cupcakes Nouveau specializes in fresh, homemade and custom designer cupcakes.  They ‘re advertised as a premier purveyor of gourmet cupcakes in Miami.  Check out the Cupcake Nouveau photo gallery to see why their cupcakes are so irresistible.

Cupcake Takkie Cupcakes by Shams D of Cupcake Land

October 3, 2009
Converse Takkie Cupcakes
Originally Uploaded
by Cupcake Land by ShamsD
This precious cupcake is another flawless creation by cupcake artist Shamima Desai.  Wouldn’t life be sweet if you could run away from your problems with precious footwear and and have your buttercream too. *Sigh.*