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You Little Cupcake Necklace by Corrina Smith

August 15, 2009

You Little Cupcake Necklace
by Greenriverstudio

I Love My Little Cupcakes!
by Greenriverstudio

Lots of Yummys
by Greenriverstudio

Yummy Cupcakes
by Greenriverstudio

Little Yummy on a Chain
by Greenriverstudio

These sweet silver and gold cupcake necklaces were personally designed and created as wearable art by Corrina Smith of the United Kingdom. After taking an 8-week class in jewelry-making, Corinna became passionate about the craft. She’s spent the past three years studying Jewellery Making and Metalsmithing to expand and develop her skills.

According to her website,, the inspiration behind her whimsical creations comes from the arts and childhood memories. Cupcakes represent a mother’s love and a reminder of happy times when play and a cupcake evoked joy and smiles. In her cupcake jewelry, Corrina has created comfort food for adults.

You can view an expanded photo gallery of Corrina’s diverse line of jewelry HERE. It’s available for sale online through ETSY. The Green River Studio store will reopen on August 23rd.

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