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Xerox and Cupcakes: Image Makeover

August 10, 2009

Xerox uses cupcakes to sell paper
Xerox Cupcake Packaging

Photos by Zen Cupcake via iPhone

Cupcakes are used to market a wide variety of products ranging from home decor to jewelry and even commercial real estate leases. But this is the strangest pair up yet. Xerox is using cupcakes to sell paper.

Xerox is a legacy brand, but even a blue chip company needs an image makeover to keep up with the times. In January 2008, a new corporate logo was designed to shed an outdated identity as a copier company for big corporations.

Whether Xerox chose cupcakes to illustrate its line of pastel colored paper or as a marketing tool to promote the company as contemporary and affordable, the concept worked. Personally I avoid certain brands I perceive as “too expensive.” In this case the Xerox packaging caught my eye because I like cupcakes. I was surprised to discover Xerox’s price was in line with the competition. The packaging made all the difference. It was all about the cupcakes!

Xerox Pastel Plus Paper
with new corporate logo
and cupcakes
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