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Contest: Name Sugadeaux’s Newest Cupcake!

August 8, 2009

Name the Cupcake Competition!
by Sugadeaux Cupcakes

This stunning looking cupcake is the latest cupcake creation by the extraordinary Melbourne, Australia baker known as Sugadeaux. You are looking at a vanilla and cardamon cupcake topped with pistachio frosting. Alas, despite it’s obvious beauty, this lovely cupcake has an identity crisis. It needs a proper name.

Do you have any brilliant ideas that reflect the flavors of the cupcake? Can you think of a name that’s creative and catchy? Don’t keep it a secret. Email your suggestions to Sugadeaux’s “Name The Cupcake” Competition. If your entry is selected, you’ll have the honor of naming a Sugadeaux cupcake AND you’ll win a Sugadeaux “5 in a row” cupcake apron too!

The Winner Will Receive this Sugadeaux Apron!

The contest is open to every cupcake lover worldwide. Deadline for all entries is September 6, 2009 at 6 PM Australia time. However, Melbourne is 17 hours AHEAD of California time and so on. Therefore, I recommend submitting your entry no later than September 4th to avoid missing the deadline.

For more information check out Sugadeaux’s website. Remember, please send your entry to May the best cupcake name win!

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