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Johnny Cupcakes 1 Year Anniversary -The Cupcakes

August 6, 2009

There were dozens of cupcakes at
Johnny Cupcakes 1 Year Anniversary

Johnny Cupcakes Tools Around
the Store in His Birthday Ride

The Whodidily Crew Kept the Cupcake Tower Full

The Whodidily Lead Baker

Johnny Cupcakes Celebrates with a Cupcake!

Cupcakes by Whodidily
Montecito, California

This was my take home cupcake!

Johnny Cupcakes Anniversary Cupcake

All Photos by Zen Cupcake via iPhone

Johnny Cupcakes sells T-shirts and accessories with his JC brand depicting a cupcake and crossbones. Some customers are disappointed when they mistake his trendy stores for a bakery and leave without a sweet treat. If you attended the 1-Year Anniversary Celebration of his L.A. store on August 1st, you didn’t leave empty-handed. There were plenty of games, gifts, freebies and plenty of CUPCAKES on hand for every customer.

Cupcake people are happy people. The Whodidily Cupcake Crew entertained the crowd as they waited to enter the store. Johnny Cupcakes was on hand to provide fun and merriment, until the last customer entered at the store at 11:55 PM.

Whodidily is located in Montecito, California, near Santa Barbara. Check out their website. They love cupcakes! Aptly described as “Willy Wonkaish with a dollop of Dr. Seuss,” these cupcakes bring out the kid in every one. Naturally, I chose the hot pink frosted cupcake with pink sugar sprinkles topped with a gum ball.

Each cupcake was dressed up in a shiny gold foil wrapper. The vanilla bean cake with whipper snapper was yummy. The frosting was awesome and not overly sweet, which I rate as a big plus. Loved it! Whodidily makes very happy and cute cupcakes!

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