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Johnny Cupcakes 1 Year Anniversary -The Celebration

August 6, 2009

Honk If You Love Johnny Cupcakes!

This was the line on Melrose Avenue at 11:30 PM
The Last Customer Entered the Store at Midnight.

Customers started camping out on Tuesday.
The Store Opened on Saturday at 3 PM.

The Johnny Cupcakes Store at Midnight.

Johnny Cupcakes Logo.

The Latest JC Project:
The Cupcake Chronicle.

New T-Shirt Release.

Johnny Cupcake Anniversary T-Shirt.
Johnny Cupcakes Cupcake
Balloon and Birthday Ride.

Limited Edition Autographed
JC T-shirt Prize.

Johnny’s adorable Kid Sister (left)
and Happy Staff Member.

Johnny Cupcakes.

All Photos by Zen Cupcake via iPhone

The Johnny Cupcakes L.A. store on Melrose Avenue celebrated its 1-Year Anniversary on August 1, 2009. In this economy, the success of his store is certainly a testament to his hard work, dedication and business savvy. Moreso, few companies can boast of the Johnny Cupcakes brand loyalty. At only 27-years old, Johnny Cupcakes has built an enormous fan base by demonstrating his appreciation and treating them with respect.

The doors opened to a crowd lined up around the block, just like last year’s grand opening. There were freebies and games to play. Everyone received the First Issue of The Cupcake Chronicle. There were opportunities to win limited edition prizes. Yummy gourmet cupcakes were in abundance for all. The mood remained festive, even after hours of waiting. The staff was eager and good-natured.

Johnny Cupcakes’ family plays an important role in his business. His adorable younger sister was also on hand again. At midnight she was still a smiling bundle of energy even at midnight and still on East Coast time. Johnny and his sister happily posed for photos, chatted with their customers and autographed t-shirts. Sock Monkey was real impressed too!

Johnny Cupcakes deserves every ounce of his hard-earned success. Nice guys do finish first!

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