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President Obama Declares Cupcakes a Necessity

July 30, 2009

Cupcakes Have a Powerful Ally
in the White House

Health care reform, especially in today’s economic climate is certain to create an intense debate. Obama has been criticized for not kicking up the drama. Some demonize the insurance companies as greedy and insensitive to the quality of human life. Others use fear for and against governmenal intervention.

Yesterday, July 29, 2009, President Obama made health care reform a number one priority during a Raleigh, North Carolina town hall meeting. He was introduced to the waiting crowds by Raleigh Cupcake Shoppe Bakery owner Sara Coleman. Obama used cupcakes as an analogy several times during his appearance. The President also declared cupcakes one of the “necessities of life” made possible by government stimulus funds.

Raleigh Cupcakery Owner Sara Coleman

Photo by Corey Lowenstein

Cupcakery owner Sara Coleman resents the prohibitive financial burden of employee health care while trying to compete against larger businesses. Coleman gifted Obama with a cupcake T-shirt from her shop, but no cupcakes. “I know I’ve been talking about health care a lot, but I think cupcakes are good for your health,” Obama said to laughter.” She later considered sending the White House a cupcake care package for the Obama family.

During his speech, Obama spoke of the fatal financial effect of health care on our economy. “Health care costs are killing small businesses, which pay substantially more in premiums than large firms do. The owner of a cupcake business in Seattle pays as much in health insurance for her employees as she does in rent for four choice Seattle storefronts.”

Today, NPR published a related story, “Health Care Costs Measured In Cupcakes” focusing on Seattle-based Cupcake Royale owner Jody Hall, the small business owner referred to by President Obama. NPR reports that “10 percent of every cupcake sold by Cupcake Royale” is earmarked for the cost of health care provided for a valued staff of seventy (70.) Hall faces an ongoing struggle to provide for her workers in the face of rising insurance premiums and the erosion of affordable quality medical coverage.

In April 2009, Jody Hall traveled to the White House to meet with Obama’s Directors of Health Care Reform and the National Economic Council. Passionate about the need to provide health coverage for the the millions of small business employees, Hall addressed the White House on the devastating costs of health care to small business owners. Hall has been strongly vocal and politically active in her local Washington State community as well as in Washington, D.C. On July 22, 2009, Cupcake Royale opened the doors to its new cupcakery on Capitol Hill. The current health care system needs fixing. It helps to have an ally in the neighborhood who likes cupcakes.

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