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Deep Fried Cupcakes at O.C. Fair 2009?

July 24, 2009

All Photos from the O.C. Register
Deep-Fried Throwdown 2008
by Kat “I eat ’til my pants hurt” Nguyen

Last year’s buzz at the Orange County Fair 2008 was the Deep Fried Cupcakes. Apparently, they were a big hit and well received, even at $5.00 per cupcake.

Recently, fellow O.C. cupcake blogger, Cupcake Activist wondered out loud if 2009’s Fair Food Menu would proffer the same deep fried sweet treat.

Hmmm. It looks like “Negative” on deep fried cupcakes this year. A friend attended the fair earlier this week and didn’t remember seeing them advertised. An online search located the 2009 Food Vendor Menu. Cupcakes (Mini and jumbo) are mentioned, but no specific reference to “deep fried” cupcakes.

Anyone see or eat them at this year’s O.C. Fair? At $10.00 for fair admission, I’m not that interested in doing any personal research…yet.

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