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July 16, 2009 – The World’s Largest Cupcake in Covent Garden

July 16, 2009

Art by Natalie Dee

From Covent Garden London “Let Them Eat Cake.”

Standing on the Piazza in Covent Garden on a Thursday, you can almost imagine hearing a voiceover of the hushed tones of David Attenborough: “And here we have the foodie. Watch how this hungry creature approaches the market, moving from stall to stall with swift agility, sampling, tasting, and then quickly moving on. Marvel as they feast on an enormous cupcake. Magnificent.”

In truth, the foodies who flock to Covent Garden’s Real Food Market are less hungry predators and more relaxed ‘grazers’, casually ambling around the area’s many food stalls. A little taste of that olive oil, some of those fat grilled scallops and, oh why not, a great hunk of that gluten-free cake over there please.

For those visiting on Thursday 16th July, Covent Garden’s Real Food Market will see a massive cupcake arrive in its midst. Measuring 1.25m by 2m, and designed by Culinary Olympic winner Michelle Wibowo, the giant cake is the world’s largest, feeding up to 2000 people.

Our advice? Be prepared. Take a spoon, a doggy bag and an empty stomach. Read the Rest of the Article Here.

Want a bite of that giant cupcake? Be at the East Piazza, Covent Garden at 1 PM on Thursday, July 16th.

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