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The Traveling European Cupcake by Thinkie

July 10, 2009

Cupcake Museum in Stockholm
Cupcake at Historiska Museet Stockholm
by Thinkie

Cupcake and Windmills at Kinderdijk
by Thinkie

Cupcake and Portugese Friend
by Thinkie

Cupcake with Bells from Fanstasy Fair
by Thinkie

Cupcake near Sao Vicente, Portugal
by Thinkie
Cupcake at the London Tower Bridge
by Thinkie

Cupcake at the Tour de Montparnasse, Paris.
by Thinkie

This cutie Cupcake likes to go on the road and see the sights of Europe. London, Paris, Stockholm, Holland, Portugal and more! What a busy lil cupcake! You can view the entire Cupcake set on Thinkie’s Flickr photostream here.

Cupcake is handmade and inspired by fellow Cupcake fan Rengawk. Thinkie’s “Mum” Wilma made Cupcake, pictured above. The pattern was adapted from Rengawk’s to be bigger and have more of a flat bottom for better balance according to Thinkie.

You can buy your own Cupcake and take it on the road too. Cupcakes similar to Thinkie’s are available in Rengawk’s Etsy store.

A big “Thank You” for the update from Thinkie and Cupcake! Be sure to check out her Flickr photostream for updates.

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