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July 4th Lady Liberty Cupcake by

July 3, 2009

Lady Liberty Mini Cake
by Wilton

Wilton is one of my favorite cupcake decorating supply companies. This tutorial is for a mini cake, which is a bit larger than a cupcake. But, what could be more fitting on July 4th than a Lady Liberty Mini Cake. Supplies and instructions by


For head, tint cookie dough copper, roll out and cut with 2 in. round cutter; bake and cool. For torch, tint candy gray (with a small amount of black candy color) and mold ice cream cone from candy mold; refrigerate until firm, unmold. For book, pour melted gray candy into 2 in. round cutter; refrigerate until firm. Pop candy out from cutter and use knife to cut a 1 x 1 1/3 in. rectangle; set aside.

Insert a 3 in. length of wooden dowel rod in wonder mold cake for right arm. Ice cake smooth. Tint fondant light blue, wrap around dowel rod arm. Cut two 6 x 4 in. pieces of blue fondant for robe; gather in accordion shape and attach to body, one piece in front, the other in back. Cut a 5 x 4 in. piece of blue fondant, round off one side, gather as above and attach over robe with damp brush. Roll out a 3 in. long x 1/2 in. diameter piece of fondant for arm holding book; attach book to arm with melted candy. Attach arm to robe with damp brush, wrapping around back. Attach candy torch to other arm with melted candy. Pipe tip 4 dot hands and fingers on both arms. Spatula stripe decorating bag with yellow, red and orange icing and pipe tip 16 pull-out star flames on torch. Pipe tip 2 dot eyes, pupils, nose and string mouth. Pipe tip 4 outline ears. For spikes on hat, tint fondant light blue; cut 6 triangles, 3/4 in. high and let dry on cornstarch-dusted board. Attach hat spikes to back of cookie with melted candy. Pipe tip 4 string hair. Attach lollipop stick to back of cookie with melted candy and insert into top of body.

*Brand confectionary coating.

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