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July 4th Recipe: Watermelon Cupcakes by Tami Rose

July 2, 2009
Watermelon Cupcakes
Photo and recipe by
Tami Rose of

These cute summertime cupcakes are perfect for the upcoming July 4th weekend. They’re easy to make and the kids can have fun by helping to “bake” them. You can use your own from scratch cupcakes or use ready made and even boxed cupcake mix with this recipe.


1 box white cake mix or your own white cupcake recipe
1 cup boiling water
1 small box of watermelon flavored Jell-O or any red colored Jell-O
1 8oz container of Cool Whip, thawed
red & green liquid food coloring
mini chocolate chips


Make your own by scratch or cupcake mix. Use cupcake liners. Cool cupcakes.

Stir boiling water into powdered Jell-O until dissolved. Pierce tops of cupcakes several times with a meat fork or straw. Spoon Jell-O over cupcakes, making sure that the liquid is going down into the holes. Refrigerate 30 min. Remove from pans.

Tint Cool Whip with red and green food coloring.

Using plastic baggies to hold the whipped topping, pipe a green circle around the outside rim of each cupcake.

Fill in the middle with pink whipped topping.

Add mini chocolate chips to represent watermelon seeds.

Store in refrigerator. Best if eaten the same day.

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