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July 4th + Patriotic Cupcakes Decorating Ideas

July 2, 2009

A Snack with Sizzle Cupcakes
Photo from the website

This is a favorite holiday/family foodfest cupcake idea from the website. These BBQ grills are just too cute to eat! Notice the hot dog and burger details on the grill. The recipe includes instructions on the candy details. The tools and decorating supplies are available online from or at your local craft store.



Makes: Each cupcake serves 1.

Techniques Used:


For each treat, tint 1 oz. white candy (approximately 10 wafers) black using candy color. With remaining white candy, prepare candy clay; let set. Divide clay in 5 portions; tint portions red (match Red Candy Melts), brown, gray, yellow and black.

Place mini ball cakes flat side down on cooling grid over pan. Cover with melted red candy; let set. Turn cakes over and cover flat side with melted black candy; let set. Make legs and connectors.

For grate, roll and position 1/8 in. diameter logs of gray clay. For grill rim, roll and position a 1/4 in. diameter log of red clay.

Shape two 3/4 in. brown burgers. On waxed paper, roll out yellow clay; cut 1/2 in. square for cheese. Position burgers and cheese.

For hot dogs, combine red clay with a little brown; shape and position two 11/4 in. hot dogs. For wheels, shape two 1/2 in. black clay disks; attach to legs with melted candy.

*Combine red and green candy colors for brown shown. Use a little black candy color to make gray shown.

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