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Michael Jackson Thriller Cupcakes by Animated Cupcakes

June 29, 2009

Because its Thriller….
by Animated Cupcakes

Michael Jackson was definitely a multifaceted icon
and his music inspired us all…
by Animated Cupcakes

Mango Cupcake
by Zen Cupcake via iphone

Mango Cupcake with “Thrill the World”
cupcake topper
by Zen Cupcake via iphone

These whimsical cupcakes are a tribute to the late Michael Jackson by Animated Cupcakes for all the musical memories he made possible.

“Whether it was an evening remix at a club,
a track on the radio or a scene from “13 going on 30,”
Thriller undoubtedly has gotten your toes tapping,
head bobbing and dancing shoes going.”

Animated Cupcakes sells her cupcakes on Friday nights, while supplies last, at Genki Living in Garden Grove, Orange County, California. It’s the only late night place to get a gourmet cupcake in Orange County. I purchased the Mango and was delighted to receive the “Thriller” cupcake topper with my cupcake. And, it was so yummy. Each mouthful was full of chewy mango bits. The frosting to cupcake ratio was perfect.

Wonderful cupcakes!

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