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Here Comes the Sprinkles Cupcake Mobile!

June 19, 2009

The Sprinkles iconic cupcake mobile

Starting next week, in the Los Angeles area, the chocolate brown Sprinkles Cupcake mobile is taking their cupcakes to the street. So far, in southern California, only Beverly Hills and Newport Beach have Sprinkles stores. The cupcake mobile intends to service the beach areas and San Fernando Valley residents who live too far from either location.

Instead of opening more Sprinkles retail stores, the van will increase their sales base by street sales. What a wise move. Remember the fate of Krispy Kreme donuts? The opening of the first store in Orange brought crowds willing to wait in line for an hour to buy a hot one. Krispy Kreme expanded too quick and too soon and were even available in grocery stores and gas stations, which was the death knell of their sales appeal.

Normally priced at $3.25, a cupcake purchased from the Sprinkles mobile will cost $4.00 each. The van will hold 1500 cupcakes. It plans to sell from shopping malls, Hollywood events and will be available for private parties.

Following the success of the KogiBBQ coach, Sprinkles will use Twitter to give a heads up to the itinerary of its traveling cupcake roadshow. To kick off the start of summer, Sprinkles will give away 500 cupcakes at the Grove in L.A. beginning at 3 PM.

You can sign up to follow the Sprinkles Cupcake Mobile here.
You can read the entire Jerry Hirsch/Elina Shatkin Los Angeles Times article here.

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