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Hey There Cupcake! by Claire Crespo

April 19, 2009
Photo and Recipe from
the Blog

Make your favorite cupcake recipe.

Frost ‘em with your favorite frosting.

Roll a square of caramel into a log shape.

Stick two yogurt covered pretzels into caramel for wings.

Place two small oblong candies in head end of caramel for antennae.

Place two small round candies for eyes.

Place your butterfly atop your cupcake.

I just discovered Claire Crespo’s charming interactive website, Claire Crespo is the author of Life with Food and Hey There, Cupcake! Her blog is up to date with cupcake and cooking events for parent and child alike. Claire is also the host of her own DVD series “Yummyfun Kooking.” Each fun episode introduces a new character intertwined with a cooking lesson geared to all ages, especially kids.

Hey There, Cupcake! by Claire Crespo

You must check out this amazing site. A click on the images brings animated rainbows, acrobatic cupcakes, videos, cooking demonstrations, dancing food and floating hearts to life before your eyes. It’s the most original and imaginative cupcake site I’ve seen in recent times. website

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