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Cupcake Wine and Wine Cupcakes

April 17, 2009

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“Decadent levels of butter, cream, bright
citrus and vanilla melt into a balance of oak and subtle
spice. In other words: Delicious.”

I’ll be honest. I tried this wine. It hardly evoked the same enjoyment or taste sensation of eating a cupcake. The “cupcake” concept is a novel one and no doubt designed to capitalize on the current cupcake culture. After all, everybody loves cupcakes. I wouldn’t buy it for a dinner party but the “cute” factor would be make it ideal for a Girls Night Out or bridal shower. I might buy a bottle to display with my bottle of “Bitch” wine.

Of course, with cupcake wine, you’ll need cupcake wine charms for your stemware. These adorable handmade charms are available from the Etsy store of Fyrestorm Creations.

Wine Themed Cupcakes
Originally uploaded by Spacefairy Cupcakes

Now these wine cupcakes are more my style. Spacefairy Cupcakes designed and baked these chocolate mud cupcakes to match the cake for a special vintage birthday. Fiona topped off the cupcakes with handmade mini wine bottles, corkscrews and corks to complete the custom theme of the celebration.

Spacefairy Cupcakes is a York, England cupcakery. What began as a passionate hobby grew into a professional venture from the overwhelming word-of-mouth of those lucky enjoy to enjoy the wide variety of custom made designer cupcakes.

Great Britain Cupcakes
Originally uploaded by Spacefairy Cupcakes

Check out Spacefairy’s Flickr photostream to view more unique cupcake art.
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  1. Bee and Rose permalink
    April 17, 2009 4:52 pm

    I am loving the SpaceFairy Cupcakes!!!

    (I have a Jesse Steele Cupcake apron up for grabs on my blog today!)

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