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Cupcakes Boost Sales for Cold Stone Creamery

April 15, 2009

This is the second time in less than a week that cupcake sales have driven double-digit profits for at least two (2) large cupcake chains. Crumbs Bake Shop reported a 25% sales increase in less than a year. Cold Stone Creamery’s Limited Edition Cupcakes became a permanent menu item due to unexpected high sales. Cupcakes Rule!

Story from Restaurant News

Cold Stone Creamery Drives Double-Digit Sales
Increase Following Cupcake Launch

Today Cold Stone Creamery announced a double digit sales increase following the successful launch of its new product innovation, ice cream cupcakes in February. In the short time since the launch, Cold Stone Creamery has sold 1.75 million cupcakes nation-wide. The new cupcakes were promoted at an introductory price in order to appeal to today’s value-conscious consumer. All of the product introductions throughout the year are planned to follow suit with a value price point as part of an aggressive strategy crafted and executed by the Cold Stone Creamery executive team. The strategy was designed to create and leverage new opportunities while requiring no capital investment by the franchisees, thereby maximizing unit-level profitability. Cold Stone’s next innovation is a line of iced and blended coffee drinks that will capture a lost customer.

Dan Beem, President of Cold Stone Creamery said, ‘It’s exciting to see an uptrend in sales in an otherwise down-trending industry. We’re actively pursuing new opportunities in new products, co-branding and partnerships to increase our franchisees’ bottom line.’

Beem continues: ‘We haven’t seen this type of reaction since the introduction of our cake batter ice cream several years ago. While some people are giving up extravagant dinners and week-long getaways, they’re still looking to spend quality time together in a relatively inexpensive way. Cold Stone provides a much needed 10 minute vacation.’

In February, Cold Stone Creamery announced a co-branding test initiative with Tim Hortons and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. Earlier this month, Cold Stone rolled out the next of its new products: a line of iced and blended coffee drinks. Other new products include: a Jell-O flavor-inspired ice cream line, Country Time Lemonade sorbet, cheesecakes and more.

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