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The Cupcake Business Appears Recession Proof

April 13, 2009
Photo from the Inspired Ideas website.

DIY Affordable Cupcake Floral Arrangement
from the Inspired Ideas Online Magazine.
Directions are available here.

According to a reporter in the northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia area, local floral, bakery and candy stores are doing well. Per an earlier blog post, New York based Crumbs Bake Shop reported a 25% increase in cupcake sales, while doing business in the most expensive city in the country.

“Chocolate has the ability to not only add some health benefits, but also I think releases something in your brain that makes you feel good,“ said an employee of a local confectionary business.

Flowers, while not so inexpensive as chocolate or a cupcake is a must-buy item for many. Even the least pricey petals like daisies make you feel happy. And, these days, that is something most people can’t live without. See, The Leading Lipstick Indicator

The same applies to cupcakes. It’s an affordable $3.00 treat that you can still afford during hard times. What else can bring a smile to your face than candy, flowers or a favorite iced cupcake with lots of colorful sprinkles?

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  1. Lanie permalink
    April 13, 2009 6:51 pm

    Well gee! Everybody LOVES a cupcake! Can I get an AMEN?!

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