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Cupcake Dotee Doll by Honeybeehi

March 25, 2009

cupcake dotee,
originally uploaded by honeybeehi

I’ve never heard of a “dotee doll” until I saw this Flickr photo this morning. It is a cupcake. It is cute. But, what exactly is a “dotte?”

According to the Squidoo page on dotee dolls, it is an “altered art doll created by an Australian artist named Dot. Apparently, these dolls were created for swapping.

MomWithaHook explains this newly discovered art form this way:

* Any crafter (expert or beginner) can make these dolls.

* You can make them as a form of therapy

* A child(or beginning crafter) can learn basic sewing skills by making something fun and collectible

* You can use up all those extra crafty tidbits you have lying around

* You can share the love by trading/swapping them either online or meetups with dotee followers

* You can express yourself however you please and not go wrong

* There is no RIGHT way to make a dotee doll

* They are unique

* They are cute just like those butt ugly dogs that at first you shy away from but then can’t get enough of.

Sounds like a fun way to express creativity through sharing and swapping!

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  1. Temporary Fix permalink
    April 13, 2009 1:10 am

    this is just so cute!

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