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Neiman Marcus Cupcakes: Golda & I

January 7, 2009
I’ll admit, I don’t do much shopping at Neiman Marcus. So you can imagine my surprise when I learned they sold cupcakes. Edible ones. Gourmet cupcake vendor “Golda & I” sells their cupcakes through the Neiman website and in select retail locations.

Photoshopped by Ms Cupcake

Kinda pricey at $28.00 for two cupcakes.



They’re advertised as having a “shelf life of one year.” That was a heads up. No self respecting cupcake would sit on a shelf for one year. Not in my home! They are kinda cute. They are cupcakes. So I am embracing them into the tribe. These chocolate cupcakes are decorated with white frosting with multicolor sprinkles and cherry accents.

Handcrafted.Each, 4″H x 3 1/4″ diameter.
Arrives in cellophane with multicolor ribbon and noise makers.
One-year shelf life refrigerated; do not freeze. Made in USA.

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  1. Nicole permalink
    January 7, 2009 3:49 pm

    I love cupcakes! I will be a regular visitor of this blog for sure!

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