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*Not All Cupcakes Are Made of Buttercream*

December 29, 2008

Happy Holidays! I’m Robyn, the blogger behind Zen Cupcake. April 2008 marked the public unveiling of my cupcake blog. My first stats report revealed four page views. Currently, I’m happy to report a significant increase in my readership following my clueless beginning. While cupcakes and blogging has been a multi-faceted learning experience. It’s also created new relationships with those who are equally dedicated and passionate about cupcakes and social media.

Most of all, blogging about cupcakes is fun. I think that’s what makes cupcakes so appealing to adults. Some days grownups need a time out to stop and taste the frosting. Personally, my favorite cuppie is strawberry cake with pink buttercream frosting from Sprinkles or Bristol Farms. It’s no coincidence that a pink cupcake aptly describes my alter ego, Ms. Cupcake.

December is my favorite month of the year. I celebrate a birthday, which leads into the holiday season of parties, festivities and naturally, cupcakes. Dividing my time between San Francisco and southern California opens up a huge and diverse cupcake market. When I’m in Orange County, one of my favorite places for fun–and–cupcakes is Disneyland. The DLR recently expanded its cupcake menu to include the Fab 5 in red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, lemon and buttercream. Disney cupcakes are now available at the Main Street Candy Palace and Candy Kitchen and Blue Ribbon Bakery as well as Marceline’s Confectionery in Downtown Disney.

Disneyland Holiday Cupcakes

Goofy’s Kitchen at the Disneyland Hotel also serves up cupcakes. When we ate there a choice of two cupcakes was set out. We had a choice of green holiday cupcakes and German Chocolate topped with a chocolate Mickey medallion. This isn’t an ordinary restaurant. A varied cast of Disney characters appear tableside throughout meal time to entertain guests and pose for photos. At our dinner Minnie and Chef Goofy were on hand to greet Ms. Cupcake. What fun!

Another fun place to enjoy cupcakes during the holidays in Orange County is South Coast Plaza. (“SCP”) You can eat cupcakes at Mrs. Beasley’s and Pacific Whey Cafe. Some of the best cupcakes at SCP are bright and shiny. Ms. Cupcake found something *pink* from Tiffany & Co. box under her tree this year. Aside from the pink cupcake charm, Tiffany’s also sells a very special gold cupcake made of 18 carat gold and precious gem stones. Maybe next year, Santa will find a clue and leave that gold cuppie under Ms. Cupcake’s tree!

Another favorite cupcake palace at South Coast Plaza (“SCP”) is Judith Leiber. The sales staff at the SCP store know Ms. Cupcake well because they’ve seen her face pressed up against the window gazing lovingly at the holy grail of all cupcakes. Ms. Cupcake dreams of owning the cupcake clutch made famous in the May 2008 movie release of Sex and The City.

A pink cupcake was featured in the movie. It sold out months ago, but a mocha colored cupcake can be yours for $4300.00. A lil heads up. If you got the cash and really want the pink minaudière, hold out until early 2009. Judith Leiber is planning a Limited Edition release of additional pink cupcake bags.

Recently, the awesome Judith Leiber staff noticed Ms. Cupcake taking photos of the window display and invited her into the store for a closer look up close and personal. Breathtaking! The Swarovski crystals and the lining of the purse are exquisite. The photos don’t do the cupcake clutch justice. Sadly, the cupcake clutch went back to the window showcase. But we didn’t walk away empty handed. The kind staff gave us a sample of the new Judith Leiber perfume. It smelled heavenly!

Ms. Cupcake also got to visit with the SCP Santa to give him a heads up about her cupcake wishlist for 2009. All in all, it’s been a fun and joyous cupcake holiday season and a happy ending to a year made sweeter by unexpected cupcake opportunities, new cupcake friends and lots of cupcake fun. Zen Cupcake is grateful for its readers and wishes everyone a Happy Cupcake Filled New Year.

Saving the best for last, a super special thanks to the adored team of Rachel, Nichelle, Stacie Joy and Allison aka Cupcakes Take the Cake for their devotion to cupcakery and the guest blogger opportunity to this cupcake newbie. The first round of frosting shots are on me. You girls are the absolute best!


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