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Pink Cupcake Costume by Jennifer of Knoxville, Tennessee

December 3, 2008

by Jennifer
of Knoxville, Tennessee

I just love Jennifer’s creativity and pride in her handicraft!

From the website:

I am a Cupcake Fanatic and I am constantly picking up anything that has cupcakes on it. So it was only natural for me to be a Cupcake costume for Halloween! I even had sprinkles!

I used a plastic tub container, which I cut out the bottom. Wrapped some poster board, which I pleated and painted around that. Glued poly fill on top for icing and pom poms for sprinkles! I tied wide ribbon to my cupcake to make straps. I even whipped up a cupcake for my headpiece with a strawberry on top!

I added several pins with catchy phrases like “Cupcake Whisperer” and “Muffins are just ugly cupcakes”. On the backside was a sign that said “Powered By Cupcakes!” And the best was my fake laminated sparkly cupcake purse!

I really had fun in this costume; it made all of my patients smile and also my co-workers!

Everyone loves Cupcakes!

My favorite part of her costume is the homemade version of the
famous $4300.00 Judith Leiber cupcake clutch. Awesome!

A big cupcake thank you
for sharing this cupcake find.

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