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French’s Cupcake Bakery Blueberry Snowball Cupcake

November 20, 2008
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Blueberry SnowCone Cupcake from

French’s Cupcake Bakery in Costa Mesa,
Orange County, California

French’s Cupcake Bakery in Costa Mesa, California is family-owned
and consistently an award winning favorite in Orange County.
They’ve been in business since 1956, which makes
them a classic in the cupcake community.

You’ll find cakes, cookies, pastries and bread at French’s.
But, I always head to the cupcake case.

Cupcakes at French’s are priced from $2.00- 2.50 each.
They come in three sizes, mini, regular and large.
I love the regular size cupcakes. A perfect size and in my opinion, not too sweet.
The perfect treat without an overwhelming sugar rush or sky high calorie count.

French’s has some awesome cupcakes.
My personal favorites are the Sour Cream Coconut,
Strawberry Fields and Key Lime Pie Cupcakes.

The snowcone cupcakes are new on the French’s menu.
These cupcakes come in lemon, lime and cherry red with sparkling sugar crystal crowns.

I bought the Blueberry. a moist vanilla cupcake frosted with vanilla buttercream. It’s topped with blueberry flavored sugar crystals. It looked good and tasted even better.

It’s all good at French’s.

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