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Free Cupcakes by Tim of Fantastic Toys

October 28, 2008
All Rights Reserved by Fantastic Toys
Please do not repost Tim’s photos or repost download
without his express or implied permission.

Photos and Instructions by Tim of Fantastic Toys
Thank you Tim!

You’re invited to a Cupcake Party!!!
Make a yummy cupcake in your favorite flavor. Decorate it any way you wish, add frosting, sprinkles or fruit. Share a cupcake with a friend or family member. Celebrate your LOVE of cupcake.

Materials Needed:
Craft Felt
Craft Glue
Polyfill Stuffing
Embroidery Floss
A PDF version is available for download.

These are adorable.
Make them for a family or make them for a friend.
A perfect wonderful holiday gift or swap exchange present.
If you’re like me and all thumbs,
you can purchase these and a gallery of
Tim’s original designs at his Etsy store.

Please do not sell the cupcakes.
They are to be made for your enjoyment and
given away as gifts to family or friends.
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