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New Haven’s Cupcake Truck

October 26, 2008

New Haven’s Cupcake Truck
Photo by Cloe Poisson

Cupcake Truck Delights New Haven Pastry Lovers
|The Hartford Courant

Maybe it’s the special flavors: red velvet, salted caramel, sweet-potato pecan. Or maybe it’s that each is custom-frosted — while you wait — with white chocolate cream cheese, marshmallow or whatever you wish.

Or maybe it’s that cupcakes instantly transport us to childhood — when mom delivered them to classrooms — and there’s just something whimsical, magical, storybook about a truck that travels the land, dispensing cupcakes.

The cupcake menu includes, chocolate ruin, coconut, red velvet, lemon and vegan chocolate. Frostings are white chocolate cream cheese, marshmallow, vegan vanilla. Toppings range from the prosaic — sprinkles and Oreo bits — to the exotic: edible gold flakes and organic candied violets. The cupcakes go for $2 each, while the toppings range from 25 cents to $1.

Rowe and his wife, Marsha, left behind business careers — marketing, advertising, copywriting — and embarked on their cupcake venture in midsummer. Marsha, who majored in French at Harvard, had always enjoyed baking, and while she wasn’t unhappy in marketing, “You know in your heart you could be happier. … You know if there is a dream and a passion, you have to chase it.”

With the onset of colder weather, the Rowes say they will often be taking orders and delivering cupcakes to their customers. For updates on where the truck will be and how you can purchase cupcakes, check their blog — — or call 203-675-3965. Website:

Read the entire article here.

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