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More Cupcakes: Bacon!

October 26, 2008
Above left: BLT Cupcake by Jennifer Tampas

Halloween treats are usually geared toward the children.

But a new cupcake emporium has both kids and adults in mind. Their creations cover the entire flavor spectrum, from sweet to savory.

But at More in the Gold Coast, as its name implies…”We’re more of everything – more flavor, more taste and what we’re doing, what everyone is talking about, is the savories,” said Patty Rothman.

Savory, as in a bacon-studded cake that’s topped with a tangy ranch dressing-flavored frosting, as well as some tiny circles of heirloom tomato and a few micro-greens; they call it a BLT. Same goes for a breakfast-inspired maple bacon cake, topped with a brown sugar-maple butter-cream frosting and then crowned with bits of candied bacon.

“I decided that the only thing better than a cupcake for dessert, was a cupcake for every meal. I mean, how wonderful to have a cupcake for lunch followed by a cupcake for dessert,” Rothman said. More sells plenty of “sweet” cupcakes. The flavors will satisfy any sweet tooth: Ginger Carrot, pink grapefruit, valrhona chocolate ganache is topped with gold leaf and salted caramel.

The signature cupcake is called the More and “identical to a Hostess Cupcake (chocolate, marshmallow-filled) but the chocolate is richer and the base moist without being airy.”

The entire article is available here.

$3.50 for sweet flavors
$3.95 for savory ones
$4.25 for the bacon cupcakes

More is open everyday, 8 a.m. – 8 p.m

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