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Mr. Cupcakes of Clifton, New Jersey

October 25, 2008
Mr Cupcakes

“Johnny Bakes ‘Em Better”

Mr. Cupcakes has a cute animated website, still under development. Mr. Cupcakes appears as a 3D cupcake logo. The cursor is a whisk. Very imaginative. Mr. Cupcakes is based in New Jersey, but he is considering shipping nationwide if his first attempt at long distance cupcake movement is successful.

The menu here is impressive. All cupcakes are $1.50 each. That’s a bargain for gourmet cupcakes! He also bakes cupcake cakes ranging from 4-75 cupcakes that look like a sheet cake but pull apart for serving.

What captured my eye and the attention of my tastebuds are many of the unusual cupcake recipes that stray from the usual standards.

  • Fruity Pebbles cupcakes,
  • S’mores with pop tarts are a first for me.,
  • French Vanilla Latte cupcake sounds delicious.

You can contact Mr. by email : or phone at his Clifton, New Jersey locale: 973.859.0180. By the way, check out the real life Mr. Cupcakes photo under “The Story” tab. He’s a nice looking guy with a big smile. Mr. Cupcakes is only 23 and quite an achiever for a young man. His cupcakery received a pleasant review by The New York Times.

The partial menu:

The Executives
(Cupcakes That Just Won’t Retire)

Red Velvet
Moist red cake, cream cheese icing

Fruity Pebbles
Yellow cake with Fruity Pebbles baked inside, cream cheese icing and Fruity Pebbles on top

Hot Chocolate
Chocolate cake dipped in chocolate frosting with Mini Marshmallows and hot cocoa on top

Yellow cake with chocolate chips & coconut baked inside, cream cheese icing with chocolate drizzle & chocolate chips on top

French Toast
Maple syrup & cinnamon baked inside, white frosting with cinnamon on top

The Interns
(Cupcakes That Are Here Temporarily)

Mint Chocolate Volcano
Chocolate cake with mint extract, buttercream icing and chocolate on top

Apple Krisp

Yellow cake with apple pie filing baked inside, cream cheese icing and pie crust crumbs on top

Chocolate Caramel Swirl
Chocolate cake with caramel syrup baked inside, caramel buttercream icing with caramel drizzle on top

Yellow cake with S’mores poptarts baked inside, butter cream icing with S’mores crumbs on top

Pina Colada
Yellow cake with pineapple pie filling inside, cream cheese icing with coconut on top

French Vanilla Latte
Yellow cake with coffee & french vanilla flavoring inside, white frosting with chocolate drizzle

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  1. Anonymous permalink
    January 25, 2009 8:55 pm

    Yummiest cupcakes ever. A big hit at my daughter-in-law’s baby shower in Connecticut. Hope he starts shipping soon!!!

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