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National Cupcake Day! Send ’em Cupcakes and Flowers

October 17, 2008
What’s in a name?

The term “cupcake” springs from the fact
it’s a small cake similar in size to a teacup.
Also, before muffin tins became popular,
the cakes were most often baked in pottery cups or molds.
The cupcake is sometimes (especially in Britain)
called “fairy cakes,” referring to this fresh-baked
treat’s size–perfect for a party of tiny fairies,
or to eat all by yourself with pure delight!


Everything Cupcake Celebration!
Sweeten up their celebration with our
fresh and new cupcake treats!
An instant hit at any event,
from Birthday to Thank You to Just Because, these
delicious buttercream frosted cupcakes from
Cheryl&Co.® are a fun and fabulous surprise all ages can enjoy!

In 2005 Cheryl& Co. merged with
1-800-FLOWERS.COM, Inc.

Birthday Cupcakes by Cheryl & Co.
These new, fun, and fresh Everything Cupcake
buttercream frosted cupcakes from Cheryl&Co.® are sure
to be the talk of the party! Send this mouthwatering
and trendy treat and make their day delicious!

Delivered overnight.
Available in 6 or 12 packs. And, Kosher, too!

Everything Cupcake
What’s The Story?
Everyone loves cupcakes–and our Cupcake in Bloom™, a selection from our exciting Everything Cupcake™ collection, really takes the cake! This cupcake-shaped arrangement comes packed with fun and fabulous style, and contains no calories! But it’s not for eating–instead, send this “sweet” gift for a birthday, congratulations, or any celebration that calls for instant smiles!

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