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Best of Orange County Cupcakes 2008

October 6, 2008
The weekends bring long lines to the Orange County location of Sprinkles

The Orange County Register announced its list of the
Best Cupcakes of Orange County 2008.

The honors go to:

Sprinkles in the Corona Del Mar Shopping Center.

Sprinkles is in a class by itself. They only use natural ingredients. The cupcakes are preservative free, which means you gotta eat them the same day or they taste really dry. The cupcakes are moist and the frosting is so popular, Sprinkles even sells frosting shots at $.75 each for that extra sugar rush.

Red Velvet is a Sprinkles customer favorite

Sprinkles is a forerunner in the crowded field of cupcakes. Fans stand in line for the favorite red velvet, and black and white, vanilla milk chocolate flavored cupcakes.

Wonderland Bakery Wonderland carved a niche in the cupcake field with its designer cupcakes. Wonderland’s signature Ruby Red Slipper cupcake features red velvet cake with a buttercrean frosting topped with a Red Slipper cookie. The Strawberry Fields is, whatelse, strawberry cake with buttercream frosting crowned with a white chocolate dipped strawberry.

Inside Wonderland Bakery
Photo courtesy of fourgonzalez

Business must be booming at Wonderland. I recently saw a Wonderland employee mailing boxes of cupcake orders from the Newport Beach Post Office before she drove off in a brand new Maserati.

Beverly’s Best Bakery in Brea
What a pleasant surprise to see a low profile cupcake baker take honors in a crowded field. Beverly’s is known for its wedding cakes and brownies. According to the OC Register, Beverly’s makes
lemon, banana, carrot, spice and almond. flavored cupcakes. The almond and carrot speak to me. I’ll be sure to check out Beverly’s soon.

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