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Starbucks Sells Cupcakes!

September 4, 2008
Starbucks has added cupcakes to their pastry/carb menu. These were photographed straight out of my freezer. The frosting melted in the car on the way home from Starbucks. Admittedly, the chocolate cupcake looks like crap. However, it presented itself better in the store before it suffered heat and freezer trauma.

Starbucks would not let me photograph the cupcakes in the store. Corporate policy.

A view from the top

Strawberry frosting with red raspberry candy topper.
Vanilla cake

Peanut Butter Frosting with malted candy topper.
Chocolate cake.

Cupcakes are not new to Starbucks. However, they were usually sold for a limited time during the month of February, during Valentine’s Day.

Starbucks recently changed their menu and with it has come a selection of four (4) cupcakes.

  • Triple Chocolate Frosting with Chocolate Cake
  • Peanut Butter Cupcake Frosting with Chocolate Cake
  • Strawberry Cupcake with Red Raspberry Candy Topper
  • with Vanilla Cake
  • Strawberry Cupcake with Black Raspberry Candy Topper
  • with Vanilla Cake
Calorie/nutritional information was not available when I visited my local Starbucks. The manager did present me with a complimentary four pack when I told him that I blog about cupcakes. “Say something nice!” was his only stipulation. Okay. The cupcakes were free. And free always tastes good. How’s that for nice!

Seriously, these cupcakes, which sell for $1.75 each are *okay.* They are certainly not gourmet, but a scintilla above store cupcakes. They are smaller in size then the gourmet/bakery variety, which is a good thing. They won’t induce a sugar coma.

I actually enjoyed the peanut butter cupcake. The frosting was…well…peanut butter. The cake is chocolate. But, I love peanut butter.

The strawberry cupcake is pink. A bland strawberry frosting and vanilla cake. It is cute. Of course, I love anything *pink.* These were okay. You have a choice of a strawberry cupcake with a red or black raspberry candy topper.

The triple chocolate cupcake was too sweet for my tastebuds. If you like chocolate. Enjoy!

My advice? Any cupcake is a good cupcake. If you are at Starbucks and jonesing for a cupcake. Look no further.

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